Here is a copy of the dainorelis prepared for the 1997 Australijos Lietuvių Skautijos 50m. Jubiliejų. It has been kindly prepared for our use by Brolis v.s. Narcizas Ramanuaskas.

Here are two great websites with all your favourite songs:

Just choose “Dainos” on the side menu and you will get the index page for songs.
And here are some of your favourite songs for you to listen and sing along to:
Lietuvos Himnas:

Words to the Himnas and translation

Ateina Naktis:

Words to Ateina Naktis and a translation

Ant Kalno Murai:

Atskrand Sakalelis:

Balnokit Broliai Zirgus:

Buvo Gera Gaspadine:


Scout Song Medley: